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Amethyst is a fast, efficient and lightweight AUR helper and Pacman wrapper. Made for Crystal, compatible with any Arch-based Linux distribution.

Basic usage

Action FreeBSD pkg-style alias Pacman-style flag(s)
Install a package ame ins ame -S
Remove a package ame rm ame -R
Remove a package with its dependencies ame purge ame -Rs
Update repository ame upd ame -Sy
Upgrade a package ame upg ame -Syu
Search for a package in general ame sea ame -Ss
Search for a package in the official arch repos ame repsea ame -Sr
Search for a package in aur ame aursea ame -Sa

You can also use any pacman flag!

How to build:

(Install cargo)

For release:

  • make clean release

For general debug/test:

  • make debug

Clean all build directories:

  • make clean

echo "AME_UWU=YES" >> ~/.zshrc # for zsh
echo "AME_UWU=YES" >> ~/.bashrc # for bash
set -Ux AME_UWU YES # for fish

self explanatory